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Auburn Area Animal Rescue Foundation
Auburn Area Animal Rescue Foundation
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Adoption Application


AAARF Adoption Application
Note: We accept applications from those living within a 45 mile radius of Auburn, California.
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*' What animal are you applying for (name/breed/description)?
* Name      * Age      Today's Date
* Street Address
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* How long have you lived at this address?      * Do you live with parents/relatives?
* Do you own the home or rent?      If you rent, please fill out the section at the end of the page.
* Are you adopting for yourself or someone else?
* How many adults are in the home?      * What are their ages?
* How many children are in the home?      What are their ages?
* Do any member of your family have allergies to dogs?
* List your current pets (include age, sex, breed).
* What kind of pets have you had in the past?
* What happened to the pets you no longer have?
* What would you consider a valid reason for giving up a pet?
* Name and Address of your Veterinarian:
* Which animal are you interested in adopting?   Cat    Dog    Other
If you wish to adopt a dog, fill out the section below.
How many hours will the dog be left home during the day?      Do you have a dog door?
Do you have a fenced in yard?      If so, Fence material:      Fence height:
What are your plans for exercising the dog (walk, dog park, other and how often, etc.)?
Have you done research on the behavior and particularities of the age and breed of the dog you wish to adopt? Yes    No    Some    Owned breed before   
Are you aware that dogs can live 12-18 years and are you willing to take responsibility for this animal for the rest of his or her life?
If you are a renter, fill out the section below.
Landlord/Property Manager Name:
Landlord/Property Manager Address:
Landlord/Property Manager Phone:
Does your lease agreement state that you are allowed to have animals?
Have you paid any required deposit in order to have a pet?
Any comments you wish to make?
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